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New version 1.5.56

Templates can now be saved into and loaded from the iCloud and you can enter short names for calendars in the calendar selection bar.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 09.02.48


New version 1.5.55

Usually reminders are entered relative to the start of the event, e.g. "0 minutes" before the event starts. However to be reminded at a specific time you can tap the new blue icon now that switches between entering a relative time and a fixed time:



New version 1.5.54

A few users had problems with CalenGoo starting slower since iOS 10. This problem should be fixed now with this update. Additionally new sort options for all-day events and iOS reminders and a few other display and usage options have been added.


New version 1.5.53

A few bugs have been fixed and an option has been added to show all available calendars with checkboxes in the edit view when saving an event into multiple calendars:


This option can be found under "Settings > Display and Use > Edit view > Expert > Show multiple calendars in edit view".


New version 1.5.52

Another bug regarding reminders under iOS 10 has been fixed and additionally there is now an option to show all priority 1 tasks on the current day, to sort all-day events by their creation date and the time zone selection when editing an event has been improved with a history list that shows recently used time zones.