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New version 1.5.63

Recently the Google Calendar website has changed. It uses new colors now. To use the same colors in CalenGoo you can turn "Settings > Design > New Google Calendar colors" on. Additionally the search view can now display the location and description of events (It can be configured under "Settings > Display and Use > Search view > Expert > New row design") and a new (still experimental) way to repeat reminders has been added ("Settings > Reminders > Repeat with remote push (experimental)").


New version 1.5.62

A few bugs have been fixed.


New version 1.5.61

The special screen of the iPhone X is now supported, HTML in descriptions (which Google Calendar now supports) is correctly displayed in the calendar views and the detail view and some new iOS 11 design elements were used in some places.

The rollout will still run for several days, i.e. if you cannot download the new version yet you will have to wait a few days.


New version 1.5.60

A few bugs have been fixed in this version.


New version 1.5.59

This version only fixes a bug in the Today Widget that caused the "Show more/Show less" button to not work correctly.